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How It Works

You collect and enjoy it!

We will tell you when your work is ready for you to collect and enjoy.

Your master piece can make a great gift for someone special or you can keep it yourself as a memento of your visit!

We glaze and fire it.

After you have gone we glaze it for you which ensures that your design will be hard-wearing and practical. Finally, we fire it in our kiln which really brings out the full strength of the colours and gives that wonderful shiny ceramic surface.

You decorate it.

Then decorate it using our paints and your imagination. Our paints range from delicate pastels to vibrant primary colours, which means we have something for all tastes and abilities. We also have a range of accessories from stencils to craft books to help you with ideas.

You choose a piece of pottery.

We have an extensive range of over 50 items of plain white pottery, from children’s ornaments and seasonal items to a full dinner service.

Each item is individually displayed and priced. All we add is a studio fee per person which covers the cost of the paints, studio equipment, glazing and firing.


6b Northbridge Road, Berkhamsted,
Hertfordshire, HP4 1EH


01442 865544